Art Allison - Center Field, 1873 Resolutes. Brother of Doug, Art led the Resolutes with a .320 batting average. He also played for several other clubs in his base ball career.

Cover of the 1870 DeWitt Base Ball Guide. This is the source from which the current Resolutes get the rules of the game, and other pertinent information. The Guide was edited by Henry Chadwick, and contains articles on umpiring, outfitting a club, pitching, batting, scoring the game, and other topics.

Doug Allison - catcher, 1873 Resolutes. Had played for the 1869 undefeated Cincinnati Red Stockings. 

NJBBA Press Release Announcment 

Mike Campbell = First Base. Mike was one of the original Resolutes, having come to Elizabeth with several members of the Irvington Base Ball club, including his brother Hugh, who pitched. Mike and Hugh were both highly respected players, and stayed with the Resolutes from their inception around 1866, through the fateful 1873 season.